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Thanks to our participants

Its been an honor to host the festival, we hope youth and community leaders have enjoyed our participation and inspiration to your youth through our workshops and activities. It is so important to allow our youth to have their say in the future, their activities and goals towards their immediate futures. We hope everyone offers positive feedback to the brave youth who shared their lives within the data pages of our website. It is not always easy for anyone to share their most intimate self-expressions. We are proud of all the participants and look forward to seeing your creative works in the future.

Covid-19 will not extinguish our efforts to provide a youth voice, in fact, it has opened our eyes to maneuver towards a stronger virtual approach for storytelling. We thank the Yukon Government for sharing our vision and assisting towards a safe, exploratory, employment alternative through youth education.

Without further a due... the 2020 StoryFest submissions. Each day for the next 30 days we will be releasing youth submissions for your viewing, comments and pleasure. Please drop a comment and support this wonderful initiative.